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RCIA Program


 - The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults was instituted by the Catholic Church in the early 1970s to help guide non-Catholics through a period of reflection, prayer, formation and discernment.  At the end of the process, participants joined the Church and received their needed Sacraments.

 - Today, our RCIA program at the Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish is designed to assist both non-Catholics and Catholics alike in learning more about the Catholic Church, the Traditions, and what we believe.

 - Classes (abot 1 1/2 hours) are generally held one night a week, from mid September until Easter, and may include field trips and a church tour.  Students are also encouraged to do homework and study on their own.

 - Anyone interested in attending RCIA should contact the parish office or speak to the Pastor or Deacon after Mass.   All are welcome!

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